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Meet Pawel Borzym , a self-taught artist born in 1982. He creates unique and thought-provoking pieces using bullet shells as his medium. His work centers on exploring the juxtaposition of soft emotions and hard materials, resulting in a powerful and striking visual contrast. With an innate ability to transform something often associated with violence and destruction into a medium for artistic expression, Pawel's art encourages viewers to consider the complexities of the human experience. He is committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms, and his work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions across the country. With each piece, he invites the viewer to look beyond the surface and explore the deeper meaning behind the materials. He is always exploring new ways to use bullet shells as a medium and his work will be appreciated by many. 

Artist Statement;

As an artist, I am deeply committed to exploring the complexities of the human experience through my work. My art reflects the past decade of my life, during which I have faced numerous challenges and hardships. Through these struggles, I have come to appreciate the importance of preserving and protecting our natural world, as well as the power of resilience and the ability to transform adversity into valuable lessons.

I use hard materials, such as bullet shells, to create pieces that elicit a sense of softness and vulnerability. Through this juxtaposition, I aim to challenge societal norms and provoke thought about the human condition. My work is heavily influenced by past cultural expressions, particularly the 1970s punk movement, which rejected the status quo and rejected the establishment. Furthermore, my work is also influenced by the current technological developments, specifically the impact of cryptocurrency and the cyberpunk movement in the banking industry.

By using unconventional materials and subverting traditional expectations, I invite viewers to look beyond the surface and explore the deeper meaning behind my work. With each piece, I aim to push the boundaries of traditional art forms and foster a greater understanding of the human experience.

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